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Over the past 25 years stained glass door lites have become a staple in everyone's homes and at Universal Glass Tech we are hard at work to stay one step ahead of everyone else to manufacture the most elegant and decorative units possible. Enhance your front door entrance with one of our many decorative door lites that not only adds beauty to your home but also brightens up the inside of your home. Choose from one of our hundreds of door lites in stock or design your own one of a kind, our artists are here to help create a lasting impression for years to come.





Wrought iron has had a purpose for many centuries and has been used in construction and building from the earliest days of civilization. The art and skills involved in the fabrication of wrought iron has brought the quality, art, and strength of iron craftsmanship into the 21st century. Here at Universal Glass we have taken it to the next level by hand crafting custom design and turning them into decorative door lites for your front entrance, for those of you that want to go bold, wrought iron is for you. Here at Universal Glass we stock many designs as well feel free to design your own, from the simplest ideas to extravagant designs we are here to entertain any ideas you have.